Spending Time In Sydney: Strand7 Training

Visiting Strand7 - Sydney, Australia

In April 2017, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend two weeks at the Strand7 head office in Sydney, Australia. During my trip, I spent time with Gerard Care, creator of Strand7, and his impressive team who have a wide variety of backgrounds in different engineering disciplines.

It was invaluable to have had the chance to spend time with each of the team members at Stand7 as it gave me insights into the very many aspects that the software has to offer. Stand7 is an advanced Finite Element Analysis software that is suitable for all engineering disciplines, from structural to mechanical, to aeronautical and more.

I covered topics which ranged from Introducing Strand7 to Dynamic Analyses of Structures, Nonlinear Analyses involving construction sequences and material models as well as Advanced Structural Design using Strand7 software.

Now that I'm back in SA, I shall focus my energy on training all of our engineers in-house to make sure everyone has the best possible skill level and knowledge of Strand7 software that we can at Et-Global. This will give ET an exciting edge in that we will have the most advanced knowledge of how to apply the best elements of the Finite Element software in our industry.

In time, Et-Global will also be able to give courses to other companies or individuals on how to use Strand7 and all that it has to offer as the leasing Finite Element Analysis software.

Sydney: A Structural Engineers Dream

One of my favourite aspects of visiting Sydney as a Structural Engineer was all of the structures I was able to see. Sydney has an eclectic collection of architecture which ranges from historical, to super modern and those which are in between, displaying some game changing retrofitted structures which inspire new thoughts. One such structural experience was seeing one of the largest commercial structures that was designed using Strand7, which is on Philip Street in Sydney. It was so beautiful, I felt the need to visit it twice, once by day and once by night.

Once of the most memorable days was the one on which I walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Strand7 offices. It was so much more than an incredible view over the city and the Sydney Opera House, but a wonderful trip back in time, looking up at the impeccably constructed steel bridge that was opened in 1932.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's largest steel arch bridge, spanning 1149m in length and consisting of 52 800 tonnes of steel, and taking 1 400 men eight years to build. Find out more information about it's history here.

Another privilege I had was to not only see the Sydney Opera House up close and personal but to touch it too. It truly is one of the finest examples of architecture around the world. There is a fascinating history associated with it and it's construction for which I've provided a link here.

I would love to visit Sydney again in the future, and I look forward to continuing the good working relationship that Et-Global has with the Strand7 team, as well as using all the tools and expertise that this trip has afforded me with.

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About The Author

Emma Loubser - B.Eng (Civil), M.Sc.Eng (Structural) - Stellenbosch

Structural Engineer at Et-Global

Emma graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2010, finding her passion for steel in her final year in her Detailed Design class. This passion led her to win a bursary and inspired her to pursue her Masters of Science in Structural Engineering, where she was then selected as one of 3 Stellenbosch students to attend the Next Generation Programme, hosted by the South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAICE). Emma now works as an invaluable member of the ET team, with unparalleled expertise in the fields of steel, marine, civil and structural engineering, and now a qualified Strand7 instructor.

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