Asset Integrity Management And Why You NEED It

Never before has the world's environment been under more scrutiny than when it comes to ensuring that physical assets in use today will be safe working conditions in years to come. In the current economic climate, this is an even greater requirement for mines as large capital expenses for plant replacement projects are no longer an option.

At ET, we have been working with our clients in quantifying what asset management entails on a structural level, giving guidance on structural integrity assessment, quantification of damage, repair of damage and assisting on cost comparisons of retrofits vs. new builds, all in the aim of improving our clients asset management philosophies and approaches. ET has been very successful in our refurbishment project assistance to a number of clients, where a targeted maintenance approach is followed, based on measurable information pertaining to structural integrity.

This allows our clients to save substantially on maintenance costs as the targeted approach calls for spending only where critically needed as well as dramatically reducing the risks of structural failure and unnecessary shut-downs. ET is so committed to this sphere of engineering, that I travelled to Germany earlier this year to train under top Asset Management specialists and 2017 will see us training further in the field both in RSA and Canada.

ET intends on becoming an industry leader in the field of mining plant asset management, providing our clients with expert knowledge, gained in mining (oil & gas) industries from around the world.

About The Author

Willie Swanepoel - Pr.Eng, B.Eng (Civil), M.Sc.Eng (Structural) - Stellenbosch

Senior Structural Engineer at Et-Global

Willie is a Stellenbosch University graduate with a passion for the fields of Forensic Structural Engineering and Asset Integrity Management of physical plant assets. He developed his keen interest in these fields through a number of international training events and assisting a number of clients who have experienced large structural failures and require large-scale refurbishment work. Willie forms part of the Et-Global team as a senior, professionally registered engineer.

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