Et-Global offers a unique set of engineering skills, acquired over years of experience in the mining, marine and oil & gas industries.  This unique skill set is not only our passion but forms part of what distinguishes us from our competitors. View our Gallery here.

Marine Engineering
Dynamic Structural Engineering
Vibration Engineering
Structural Integrity & Asset Management

Design and analysis of plant structures on ships require specialist knowledge of marine engineering standards, codes of practice, ships motions and industry-specific regulation. Et-Global has been working in this domain since inception and offers a world-class engineering service for marine engineering applications.

The analysis of structures, reinforced concrete and structural steel, for their natural frequencies and harmonic responses lies at the core of our engineering offering.  This specialist service allows Et-Global to be an all-in-one engineering supplier to all our clients for mining structure designs.

As part of the design of structures for dynamic loading, Et-Global offers support to clients with existing structures that are problematic in terms of vibration, fatigue or perceived motion.  Engineers measure the structural response on site, and using specialist Operational Modal Analysis software, can provide clear insights into vibration problems and their cause.

Et-Global’s involvement in a number of structural integrity audits (structural safety audits) and refurbishment programs for a number of large mining houses uniquely positions Et-Global to offer in-depth specialist assistance to clients requiring assistance with asset integrity quantification, asset refurbishment and asset management strategies.


3D Modelling, Draughting & Rendering

Et-Global operates seamlessly with our clients in both the 2D and 3D environments, through our experienced draughting team in a number of specialist software packages.

Structural Safety Audit

Structural Safety Audits (SSA’s) form part of asset integrity management cycles as the step wherein the condition of an asset is quantified. SSA’s are performed by experienced Structural Engineers, who inspect structures to quantify and document structural deficiencies.

Structural Refurbishment

Et-Global are specialists in refurbishing assets that have long since seen their “sell-by-date”. Refurbishing saves money and extends the life of your asset by years, keeping costs to a minimum.

Standardised Conveyor Systems

ET has developed standard conveyor systems whereby typical sizes 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1050mm belt sizes have been pre-developed for most applications, using standard gantries, trestles and components which can be put together to suit the client’s needs in a very short time.

Vibration/Seismic Simulation

Et-Global as part of its specialised engineering services supplies an in-depth array of vibration and seismic design services, which include; screening structures, crushers, mills and high energy machinery.

Forensic Investigation

Et-Global has a team of Engineers specialising in on-site inspections and the analysis of structural deficiencies and failures (partial & catastrophic), with experience in the process of root cause analysis for some of the largest mining houses in the world.


Below is a brief overview of the differences between a Structural Safety Audit (SSA) and a Structural Inspection & Maintenance Management (SIMM). Both use visual inspections as a method of examining the structures but the fundamental difference is in the deliverables and thus level of detail that is examined on site.

Hover over the below images for a breakdown on each. 


5. Uses Anglo SIMM Priority & Category Definitions

4. Deliverables include one full report with an appendix of all job cards, repair methodology and crack mapping

3. Job Card Creation

1. In-house Developed Procedure

2. Tagging System


1. Anglo American standard, very well defined

2. Can range from very broad overview to very detailed depending on client requirements

3. Deliverables include two reports : one critical items report & one main report that covers all remaining observations

4. Repair methodologies are only included as additional scope upon request.